Has the leather on your couch, sofa, or car seat started to wear out? It’s time to give your leather car interior or living room furniture a face lift if it has gotten dingy over the years. Restyle Dubai offers distinctive restoration and repair services to breathe new life into your car or furniture. We can assist you with all of your leather couch and auto repair/care needs as We have years of experience restoring all types of leather goods.

We are one of the leading company in Dubai Providing Leather Restoration in Dubai, Leather Repair and Leather reupholstery. We offer partial or complete color restoration for all types of leather that has been worn or faded. To match a change in the decor in your home, we can even change the color of your couch. If a section is too damaged for restoration, we can replace it and match the color of the new section to the leather around it. We are experienced in the leather repair works,sofa upholstery works,restoration of leather furniture and personal accessories such as leather wallets, Shoes, belt, purse,leather jackets, bike seat cover stitching, Leather car interior restoration etc.

How We Restore Your Leather

The experts at Restyle can repair your leather materials and replace any lost finishes. First, our team carefully evaluates the type and state of your leather. We select delicate restoration products that will remove any stains from your leather and restore its natural finish after assessing the extent of the damage and what needs to be done. We can even add pigmentation to your leather at your request to restore its faded color. To clean, restore, and refinish your leather, we use our own highly efficient proprietary products.

Leather Repair, Restoration, Cleaning & Dyeing in Dubai

Restyle Dubai specializes in the following services

Leather Repair

Leather Restoration

Leather Reupholstery

Leather Dyeing

Leather Jacket Repair

Leather Handbag restoration

Commercial Leather Repair Services in Dubai, UAE

Bring your worn-out, torn, or faded leather handbags, jackets, or furniture to us, and we’ll give them a complete makeover. When you see the miracles that our leather repair specialists have performed on your cherished leather goods, you won’t believe your eyes.

Leather sofa restoration - Dubai

Leather sofas can often become faded due to age, wear or excess sunlight.  Restyle Dubai specializes in repairing and restoring leather sofas, couches, chairs, recliners, footrests, and other pieces of residential furniture. Call restyle Dubai to revitalize and renew your furniture that has been damaged by rips, stains, tears, fading, pets, holes, and more. We can also re-dye leather furniture. We repair all types of leather sofas, couch, chair, furniture etc.

Restoration of Leather Color

Your leather sofa may crack if you place it close to a heat source like a fire or a radiator because the heat will dry out the leather’s natural oils. The ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight over a period of time will cause fading.

Your leather sofa or chairs’ individual panels can be replaced by our technicians. After removing the damaged portion, a leather piece that matches the color can be stitched into place.

Leather Scratch Repairs

Sharp objects like buckles, shoes and pets can cause small scuffs, cuts and scratches. These can be repaired using our leather repair and colour matching techniques.

Areas of damaged stitching will deteriorate if not fixed. Broken stitching, including decorative stitching, can be manually repaired using a variety of traditional techniques.

Leather Handbag restoration - Dubai

We are the leading leather restoration and repairing company in Dubai.

We are the experts in all types of leather bag repair and restoration in Dubai and all over UAE

Leather bag Restoration, Coloring and Repair Service

We are experience in repairing and restoring All types of leather bags, including contemporary ladies’ bags, leather handbags, luxury leather wallets, leather briefcases, new and used purses.

We are experienced in repairing and restoring All types of leather bags, including contemporary ladies’ bags, leather handbags, luxury leather wallets, leather briefcases, new and used purses.

Leather Handbag restoration and repair

 We have a fantastic team for all types of handbag repair and recoloring jobs at Restyle  Dubai workshop. Restyle Dubai Upholstery is providing high-quality leather coloring and restoration services for luxurious leather bags and wallets.

You are probably not going to lose the money you paid for the expensive leather items a few years ago if you just call Restyle Dubai.

Leather Shoes Restoration, Coloring and Repair

To keep leather shoes looking their best, regular maintenance is required. Regardless of whether you are a businessperson or a professional, how you come across to your clients, coworkers, and other stakeholders are certainly matters. Wherever your foot prints are left, wearing shoes with tears or faded color will leave a bad impression.

If you have a few dollars and a little time to spare, returning your shoes to their original quality is not a big deal. Even better, we can pick up your priceless leather shoes from your home and deliver a fantastic pair of brand-new ones.We can perform color restoration services at the best prices you’ll ever find, whether your boots are made of leather, canvas, or any other material.

Car Leather Restoration and repair in Dubai

Our Leather restoration services are specially designed for leather, and vinyl interior trims. Even though it penetrates the surface and fills both major and minor flaws, the finish is incredibly flexible. Restyle is your one-stop solution for car leather repair and restoration if you’re searching for the best car upholstery services in Dubai. We provide cost-effective maintenance services that are reliable and the best quality. we have a qualified team of technicians to repair and restore the issues of car leather seats, dashboard, steering wheel etc.

Leather Restoration, Coloring and Repair

  • Deep Cracks Repaired
  • Correction of Stained Leather Color
  • Complete Redesign Super Refreshed Look
  • Repairs for cigarette burns and heat cracks
  • Stop Aging Prematurely
  • Increased Car Value

Leather Relining

One of our specialties is relining leather. You can get new linings for things like purses, vests, purses, and jackets. For extra warmth on extremely cold days, winter coats with quilted lining and premium materials are available.

Why is the black leather on your jacket graying?

A good query! The moisture in your leather is evaporating as it ages. The leather’s original natural oils have started to dry out.All of the color in your item was artificially added, and as it dries out, it begins to fade. 

We can remedy that by incorporating essential oils through pours ( hair follicles ).To begin, a liquid oil is added, which quickly soaks into the leather’s sublayers. For newer items, we typically do this for a week; for older pieces, it may take 3–4 weeks.Second, we include a thick paste made of leather oil for an additional week.The neutral paste is added last, and it essentially seals in the oils and gives them sheen.Your leather will have more life after reconditioning. While keeping it look great.

Why should leather be restored?

Exposed leather is very porous and readily absorbs moisture, body and hair oils, spills, and soiling. In addition to restoring the aesthetics, refinishing it with fresh coatings also creates a barrier against contaminants, extending its lifespan. Regular maintenance and reapplication of coatings are essential for leather that retains its good looks over time.