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About Us

Classy… Happy…. Beautiful….. Dreamy…. and Durable are some words we associate with our spaces.  We are a space designer company catering in wooden flooring and leather upholstery.  Our vast experience and array of clients along with Inhouse expertise and facilities for design and manufacture enables supply of bespoke architectural products to suit individual tastes and requirements. We have been decorating dream spaces for

Our Services

Upholstery Services


Refresh & Clean

Regular cleaning and hydrating of leather is key to prolonging the life of your leather. All our technicians are fully qualified in all aspects of upholstery cleaning. Leather and Synthetic leather couches and chairs need regular deep cleaning.


Rejuvenate Accessories

Those comfortable pair of shoes, stylish handbag, convenient wallet or your all-time exclusive leather jacket, all fade out if not taken care of- An accidental scratch or an unmindful spill may ruin its value forever.


Repair & Revive

Prevention is better than cure. In a busy lifestyle when you don’t have time to take care of your leather or when accidents occur, then come to us for leather repair for furniture and personal items.


Reupholstery & Recover

With complete recovery, we offer a wide selection of leather and fabric samples for you to choose from and can provide invaluable advice on which type of material will suit your individual requirements and the environment its intended for.


Restore & Recolour

The colour of the leather may be affected by the soiling and or the cleaning process, in which case, we simply recolour to blend into the surrounding area resulting in an invisible removal of the stain.


Rediscover Interiors

We at Restyle have a dedicated team that specializes in maintaining and refurbishing interiors including car seats, cabin seats, panels, ceiling and flooring & yacht interiors.

Flooring Services

Solid wood

The original wood flooring option, solid wood is exactly what it sounds like. It can typically be refinished several times during its service life. While the standard thickness of solid wood is three quarters of an inch, planks are sawn in three different ways.


Engineered wood

Engineered wood is anything that has a real wood wear layer, which means the top surface is real wood. It can have different constructions. It can be plywood all the way through or it can be a composite product on the bottom side. They’re cut in wide planks, with long lengths.

Gym Flooring

Durable and long-lasting to cope with the heavy demands of a full programme of daily workout. They have a reputation for being able to withstand very heavy use. Fitness floor can be refurbished between eight and ten times during its life by sanding and sealing it.


LVT is a type of vinyl flooring that is designed to imitate natural flooring options such as hardwood and ceramic tile. Thanks to technological advances and enhanced design capability, vinyl floors can now look and feel nearly identical to the products they’re mimicking.


Known for being 100% waterproof with unparalleled durability, these engineered luxury vinyl planks use advanced technologies to beautifully mimic natural wood and stone at a lower price point. SPC is rigid core hence virtually indestructible, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic and commercial environments.


It is compressed layers of fiberboard and melamine resin with a photographic image of wood grain on top. It’s covered with a clear protective layer that makes it extremely durable.

Vinyl Roll

Vinyl roll is fibreglass-cushion-backed flooring that comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets, and is available in an almost limitless number of styles, from timeless and realistic to more playful designs. Vinyl rolls are also one of the most affordable flooring solutions for homeowners.

Carpet tile

Carpet tiles today offer all the warmth, comfort, acoustic qualities and health and safety benefits. With their small size, carpet tiles are considerably easier to lift, move and install when compared to wall to wall carpets. Should wear and damage occur, the carpet tiles can readily be replaced individually rather than replacing an entire floor.

Rubber Tile & Roll

Rubber floors, mats and tiles are either made from a virgin rubber material, synthetic rubber material or a recycled content material and in some cases a combination of more than one rubber type.

Raised Access

The modular panels are composed of 4 main elements: core, the bottom surface, the top covering and the edge-band. The raised access floor, also called “floating floor” or “false floor”, is a system created to meet the technological needs of technical rooms and allow easy accessibility and maintenance of infrastructure cabling system.

Outdoor Decking

A Deck Enhances the Value of Your Home. Few things add hard value to your home more than outdoor living areas. Experts agree that a deck offers a 100% return in value.


Some hardwood floors are beyond quick fixes. Dry, grimy floors with deep scratches and wide gaps need refinishing. But you may be surprised to learn that when tracked, both leave behind superficial scratches that dull the surface. Fortunately, restoring dirty floors that lost their sheen can be relatively straightforward.

Let's talk RESTYLING

Achieve what you want in terms of look, feel and finish…

Our team carefully handles stains, reduces fading, restores cuts, and fixes tears. We’ll help keep it in pristine shape.

Our Approach

We put our focus on excellence every time. Our team will quickly assess the damage and then discuss options for repairs with you.

Reach Us

Reach out to us and feel free to share your vision.


We will recognize the problem/ issue and how to achieve what you want


We recommend the ways in which your goal can be achieved


We restyle as agreed upon, with superior quality services.