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Our team carefully handles stains, reduces fading, restores cuts, and fixes tears. We’ll help keep it in pristine shape.


Be it Leather or Fabric, we can reupholster your furniture to give it completely a New Look.


To ensure we always deliver a bespoke service for your interiors, at your convenience.

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Refresh & Clean

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Repair & Revive


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Refresh & Clean

Day to day usage will naturally result in atmospheric dirt, which builds up over time. At Restyle we truly believe that regular maintenance will prolong life of your leather.

Leather products cleaning and conditioning should ideally be performed about three to four time per year. This will ensure that the leather  is hygienically clean, looking the best it can, and remain that way from reducing the damage caused by dirt, grime, body oils and perspiration.

It is important to know the difference between different leather lounge materials and the products used to clean these. Although you should not let your leather couches become damaged by dirt and grime, we can successfully restore the leather to a near new condition. We can also achieve this by the use of  chemical-free cleaners and conditioners.

When your leather is with us, it is in expert hands. Prevention is better than cure. In a busy lifestyle when you don’t have time to take care of your leather or when accidents occur, then come to us for leather repair for furniture and personal items. Say goodbye to damage caused by tears, splits, cracks, burns, scuffs, stains and almost any kind of conceivable damage to leather or vinyl.

We are experts in repairing of leather or vinyl furniture such as chairs, sofas, restaurant booth seating, bed headboards, car interiors, yacht interiors and aircraft seats. Damaged leather products whether torn, worn, ripped or faded can be restored by Restyle. Blemishes on leather furniture such as burns, holes, and cuts can also be revived.

Leather furniture can add a touch of class to any decor, be it residential or commercial. It’s incredibly durable, but when it needs repairs, they need to be done by experienced specialists who can fix the problem without compromising the material. After all, you made an investment in a high-quality piece, you deserve for it to be properly cared for.

Repair & Revive

Restore & Recolor

Stubborn Soiling Stains and Spillages No matter how careful you are with your products stains can happen, whether it’s ink or grease stains. Disaster spillages are unavoidable, the splash of red wine on the sofa, the spilt nail varnish or nail varnish remover on a footstool or the pen marks accidentally dropped on the seat of a chair. There’s no need to panic, these are common day to day problems, we always have a solution to deal with the problem. Our specialist cleaning products and processes will remove most stubborn stains and ink marks.

Dye Transfer (from Clothing or soft furnishings)
Dye transfer is usually apparent on lighter coloured leathers and the most common cause is denim/jeans due to its abrasive texture. This can build up over a period of time and may appear as though the furniture is dirty when in fact it has been dyed. We remove dye transfer very effectively.

 Aged, Faded and Fatigued Leather Over time leather can become faded through usage causing abrasion wear to the top coat of colour. Body oils build up over a period of time and often appear as a dark mark in the leather in typically vulnerable areas such as head rests and arm rests. With our specialist knowledge we can assess fatigue and determine whether it can be restored cosmetically or if the wear is beyond repair, requiring replacement leather. We can successfully replace worn panels with new leather, achieving a perfect colour and grain match to the existing remaining leather.

Personal accessories

Personal possessions are precious and when they are made of leather they are priceless. Those comfortable pair of shoes, stylish handbag, convenient wallet or your all-time exclusive leather jacket, all fade out if not taken care of. An accidental scratch or an unmindful spill may ruin its value forever.

Restyle understands not just the value of but also the sentiment behind your possessions and comes to your aid to restore them to their original glory. When your favourite leather jacket, or your sentiment loaded wallet or your precious purse or handbag gets damaged, you can bring it to us and we will take care of the scratches, stains, scuffs, and tears.

All of our repair and alteration work is performed by expert technicians and artisans to offer a premium personalized service. We’ll care for your item just as much as you do, returning it to you almost as good as new. Restyle offers free consultation for these sort of services. You can contact us and tell your needs. Within next few days your loved accessories things will be delivered with its glorified previous form.

Rejuvenate Accessories


Replacement leather

Seams and Stitching

Leather Chesterfields

Springs and Webbing

Foam/ Feather/Dacron fill

Dining room chairs can be re-covered. Dining seats are revitalized with new foam and fabric bringing the dining chair back to life-changing the feel of your dining room. We also take on wood restoration and polishing requirements on all classical, contemporary and modern designs. We offer reupholstery works at very affordable pricing. We are just a phone call away.

Reupholstery & Recover

Replacement leather

We offer both full and partial replacement of leather. With complete recovery, we offer a wide selection of leather samples for you to choose from and can provide invaluable advice on which type of leather will suit your individual requirements and the environment its intended for. When partially re-covering, due to our expertise in colour matching and our extensive range of sources, we can assist you in obtaining a perfect match to your existing leather. We can replace old panels with leather that matches 100% in colour and grain so there is an overall uniform effect. When replacing leather, we will use the original design as a template to exactly replicate the original style and design. However, in some cases there may be a design flaw, causing stress or premature wear on the leather, such as seams in seats. In these cases, if required, we can offer a re-design of the piece for a more durable solution.

Seams and Stitching

Split seams can occur especially in high wear areas such as seats. Seams can be re-sewn by hand or by machine. We can achieve different stitching styles with our range of skills and machinery. Depending on the original design, we can match to existing stitching styles so the replacement stitching is in keeping with the remainder of the piece.

Leather Chesterfields

The traditional Chesterfield style dates back to early 18th century and has held it’s reputation as an Iconic British classic and timeless design piece, which is still widely popular today. We offer full restoration of Chesterfield style furniture and have worked on some very old pieces, giving them a new lease of life. Antique Chesterfield interiors are usually very well made, to last a lifetime. We can replace sections of deep buttoned leather by discreetly replacing diamond sections of leather between the deep buttons and folds, matching to the existing salvageable areas. Any salvageable leather can be restored to its original state resulting in a uniform finish without the cost of completely replacing the leather on the whole piece. Our experience in restoring antique Chesterfields always has amazing and impressive results.

Foam/ Feather/ Dacron filling

Foam/ Feather/Fibre fill
Over time, interiors will start to lose resilience, compacting down resulting in seats sinking and sagging. We can replace your existing interiors with new and usually have an improved, more durable solution than the original production.

Springs and webbing

Again, with usage seat bases will start to slacken. Our upholsterers will fully assess seating and offer either replacement springs or webbing if required, in most cases we can tighten existing springs and webbing to reinforce the resilience of the seat.

She is a leather whiz who likes to take it into the real world and talk about it with everyone. She’s always plugged into what new is happening in leather world, how to get the best results and feeds it back into our product development system. Having more than a decade of experience in handling corporate accounts including hospitality, aviation companies, automobile companies, furniture industry she has become the face of our sales and marketing for restyle, which is loved by our customers.

Managing Partner

He specializes in flooring & is the man responsible for making sure we are able to get solutions to cater to the demands of our customers. Having experienced a full circle of experience in sales and execution along with technical know-how he is our go to. With 10+ years of experience in flooring and outdoor decking, he is more than an expert. Having delivered 500+ projects divided between commercial projects-hotels, offices, retail and residential-apartments and villas, customization and refinishing works, he is still equally passionate about every project today.

Founding Partner

Interior Services

Car Interiors

Your most loved car can have any accidental damages and we are just a phone call away to bring its beauty can back.

Yacht Interiors

We restore and repair tears as well as scratches on leather seats and interiors, bringing the yacht back in its best possible look.

Aircraft Interiors

Deep cleaning and rediscovering the interiors with safe and environment friendly materials.

Car Interiors

Leather seats, door panels, center console, dashboard are the parts which will be faded with usage and as well as constant exposure to direct sunlight, excessive heat, dirt and body sweat. Full leather interiors can be restored by our expert team. We can rediscover your interiors with our specialized services. Bring your car to us and we will analyse to give you best solution. Rest assured you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Yacht Interiors

The harshest weather conditions, extreme sunlight and salty water will cause deterioration of luxury interiors of yachts. We can repair the worn-out areas, restore faded seats as well as reupholster any interiors to bring them back to the glorious days.

Aircraft Interiors

Longer journeys will have food spillage, scratches from the luggage bags as well as wear & tear. With our specialized services and materials leather interiors of Aircrafts can be made live longer and looking in good condition.


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