SPC Flooring in Dubai

spc flooring in Dubai
SPC flooring in Dubai

Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) flooring is favorite of many in the industry and  Our SPC flooring is locally available here in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The newest and most advanced flooring product on the market is stone plastic composite flooring or SPC flooring in Dubai. It’s a premium form of LVT that is both entirely waterproof and much more stable than regular LVT. Stone plastic composite (SPC) flooring is 100% waterproof, it emits no formaldehyde, and it is inexpensive. These advantages have made SPC extremely popular around the world, particularly in shops, light commercial fit-outs, and rental properties. Our SPC flooring is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE.

What is SPC?

SPC flooring, also known as stone plastic composite flooring, solid polymer core, or SPC flooring, is a type of vinyl flooring with a rigid core made of powdered limestone, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizers. It’s also known as “stone polymer composite flooring” at times.

SPC Flooring in DubaiPremium flooring for your space

SPC , which stands for stone plastic composite, is designed to replicate traditional flooring materials such as stone, ceramic, or wood while also providing many more practical benefits, as you will see later in the article. SPC allows for a wide range of design concepts by combining realistic photographic prints with a clear, vinyl top layer. SPC has a thinner, more compact, and dense rigid core layer than WPC. Because of its compactness, it is less likely to expand or contract during extreme temperature swings, improving the stability and longevity of your flooring. In addition, it is more impact resistant.

For your property, our highly qualified and experienced professionals can install premium-quality SPC rigid core flooring in UAE. Moreover, we provide a wide range of flooring services, such as vinyl SPC flooring Dubai, SPC plank flooring, and SPC laminate flooring.

Whether you’ve decided to put SPC flooring in your home, place of business, or another area, We are here to help you. Indeed, Restyle Dubai will help you o tchoose the best spc vinyl flooring for your space. We promise accuracy and a faultless finish in flooring.Our skilled staff will help you choose, repair, and install laminate flooring with the least amount of mess and work.   We offer a huge selection of colors, textures, patterns, and timber prints in our spc flooring. So don’t hesitate too long because we offer everything you may possibly need.

Luxury SPC Flooring Dubai At an Affordable Price

The most luxurious, long-lasting waterproof flooring that is being used today is our SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) vinyl flooring. Now, a lot of homeowners are making their way to the SPC floor to give their houses a cool, natural, and stylish look. Due to its fine finishes and adaptability, our SPC flooring in Dubai is at the top of the list for contemporary flooring trends.

spc flooring company in Dubai
SPC flooring company in Dubai

SPC flooring Structure

spc flooring in Dubai structure
SPC Flooring Structure

SPC flooring is generally comprised of the four following layers in mind: 

• Wear Layer — This layer, which is critical to the longevity of your tiles, employs clear coatings such as aluminum oxide to keep your floor from rapidly wearing.

• Vinyl Top Layer — Some premium types of SPC are made with realistic, 3D visuals that can be installed to look exactly like stone, ceramic, or wood.

• Rigid Core — The core layer provides the best bang for your buck. A high density, yet stable waterproof center is found here, providing rigidity and stability to the plank.

• Backing Layer — Also known as the flooring’s backbone, this layer adds sound installation to your planks while also being naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

Utilize SPC Flooring Dubai to Improve Your Home Floors

SPC flooring in Dubai comes in a variety of designs, colors, and installation options, and it is extremely strong, beautiful, stable, fireproof, and waterproof. In order to give your room a shiny and elegant appearance, we are creating a floor with a real surface wood form.

SPC flooring is the most cost-effective choice when it comes to flooring. Low-cost SPC flooring is available in a variety of appealing designs. We have a wide selection of floors available for sale at a range of prices. SPC flooring can be a great choice for homeowners in UAE, providing a durable and low-maintenance flooring option that can enhance the beauty and functionality of any interior space.

SPC Flooring Installation in Dubai, UAE

Our experienced teams will install commercial SPC flooring and provide you with unbiased, best-value flooring solutions for your facility.

We’ve installed nearly every type of commercial flooring, including a wide range of vinyl planks, at Restyle Dubai. We can show you samples and advise you on the best floor for your budget, interior design scheme, and facility environment.

When installing SPC vinyl flooring, the subfloor must be clean, dry, and properly leveled. The rest of the process is fairly straightforward. The majority of SPC vinyl planks simply click together thanks to tongue and groove technology.

Installation of spc flooring in Dubai
SPC flooring in Dubai

Areas Of Use – SPC Flooring


Business Centers and Theaters

Airports and Terminal Structures

Shopping Malls and Food Courts

Shops and Stores

Restaurants and Cafes

Exclusive Meeting Spaces

Recreational Resources

Museums and Galleries


Retail Locations




Government Buildings

Bank Locations

Conference Rooms

Public Space

The Advantages of SPC Flooring – Restyle Dubai

When you invest in SPC flooring, you can expect to reap numerous benefits. These floors are known for their 100% waterproof design and are among the most durable on the market. SPC flooring can be installed in any room, including high-moisture areas. They are also very simple to install, especially if they come with the snap installation. They can be installed over a variety of subfloors, and the addition of the pre-attached underlay that most ranges include expedites the process.

SPC floors are generally less expensive than engineered wood, despite being more expensive than luxury vinyl flooring. They also require less upkeep and have a longer lifespan. This ensures that you get great value for your money.

There are hundreds of different designs to pick from. This ensures that an SPC floor is available to suit all interiors. Some are designed to look like real wood, while others have a stone or tile appearance. Whatever design you prefer, you will find a complementary SPC floor to match your preferences.

Finally, SPC flooring is extremely comfortable. Because of its thicker design, it is more comfortable and stable underfoot than other types of flooring. Because of their dense layers, they are also quieter to walk on.

spc flooring in Dubai,
SPC flooring in Dubai

How to Clean an SPC Floor?

There isn’t much to do to keep an SPC wood floor with a rigid core in place. Vacuuming or sweeping is usually sufficient. Regular cleaning of the SPC floor takes little time and can be done easily. Cleaning surfaces on a regular basis will help them stay shiny and beautiful over time.

Best SPC Flooring Services Provider in Dubai, UAE.

SPC is made up of a blended rigid PVC core and a stone powder made entirely of PVC materials. If you want to install floors that are long-lasting, hygienic, and visually appealing, we recommend installing the best SPC flooring in Dubai From Restyle. SPC floors are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential applications due to their durability and scratch resistance. Another reason to install SPC is the wide variety of colors, styles, designs, and textures available.

Our SPC panels are made from a high-quality composite of materials. It also ensures the long-term durability of your commercial flooring. We have SPC flooring Dubai technicians who specialize in SPC installation and repair.

Best SPC Flooring Company in DubaiRestyle

If you’re looking for a waterproof flooring solution with beautiful stylish options to pick from, Feel free to contact us today.

Restyle offers everything in the flooring service, whether you need to replace old flooring with new or repair current SPC Flooring Dubai. Restyle Dubai has a large selection of SPC vinyl flooring, oak planks SPC tiles, and specially engineered SPC sheets for high temperatures industrial use. Our SPC flooring is available here in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Whether you’re looking for a specific style, color or finish, our range of SPC waterproof flooring options will help you transform your space with style and purpose. We are the leading SPC Flooring supplier in Dubai. Restyle is one of the best SPC flooring companies in Dubai.

SPC Flooring in Dubai – FAQ

What Is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring has a stone-polymer composite core that dramatically improves the floor’s durability compared to ordinary luxury vinyl flooring. This flooring is an upgrade new product from LVT and WPC flooring.

Is SPC Flooring formaldehyde free?

Yes, SPC Flooring is Formaldehyde-free.

Is it a waterproof product?

100% Waterproof flooring that can be installed in any living space. Included kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, or restaurant or commercial.

Is SPC flooring suitable for commercial spaces?

Yes, SPC flooring is often used in commercial spaces due to its durability, ease of maintenance, and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand the demands of high-traffic areas in commercial settings.

What is the difference between SPC and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) flooring?

SPC and WPC are both types of rigid core vinyl flooring. The key difference is in the core material. SPC flooring has a stone-based core, while WPC flooring has a wood-based core. SPC is often more rigid and denser, offering enhanced durability.

Is SPC flooring resistant to fading from sunlight?

SPC flooring is designed to be resistant to fading from sunlight. Its UV protective layer helps maintain the color and appearance of the flooring, even in areas with direct sunlight exposure.

Why choose us

We are the leading SPC floor provider in Dubai, providing the best SPC flooring services. We don’t just supply high-quality flooring; we also expertly craft it to create the kind of home you’ve always imagined. We also provide our clients with options for customized SPC flooring in Dubai.

You only need to tell us what you need, and we’ll manufacture it in accordance with your specifications. Simply contact us by email or phone to arrange a meeting if you really wanted to order our services.

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